mk ultra thc vape pen

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brand: crft cannabis
style: vape pen
flavour: mk ultra
oil: thc distillate x htfse
weight: 2 grams

recharge with a micro usb cord (not included)


Out of stock


Masters of the CRFT

The MK Ultra THC Vape is just the vape pen you are looking for. CRFT Cannabis are producers that we can stand behind.  These guys are doing all the right things besides just making fine cannabis products. For every CRFT vape pen sold, CRFT Cannabis is committed to planting a tree in order to sustain our local ecosystems in a meaningful way. Every little bit counts, and we are very excited to be a part of such a program!

What’s the oil in the MK Ultra THC Vape?

Enjoy 2000 mg of pure lab tested, full spectrum CO2 THC Distillate in this MK Ultra THC Vape Pen, with HTFSE extract, a terpene-heavy cannabis oil. These oils combine with natural fruit and cannabis derived terpenes without any additional additives. Less is truly more. Completely rechargeable to ensure longevity and minimize waste from a dead battery.

Why vape?

Each CRFT Vape Pen is beautifully styled with a smooth, sleek, and compact design that is easily able to be carried with you anywhere you go! It looks and feels alot like a JUUL vape. Vaping is a great option to replace smoking, especially in social situations where smoke can be interfering. When you hit a vape, you are exhaling vapour, not smoke. That means less smell, and it’s not going to stick on your hands or your clothes. Vaping is much more discreet than smoking, and comes in awesome flavours!



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mk ultra thc vape pen

mk ultra thc vape pen

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